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  • The Story of the Disneyana Exchange:

    Simply stated, The Disneyana Exchange Service is a secondary market art brokerage, focusing on the art of the Walt Disney Company. The Exchange started business in 1988, but wasn't known as the Disneyana Exchange until June 1993. The Exchange was founded by Disney collectors who wanted to be able to provide a service where buyer and seller are brought together for rare and hard-to-find Disney collectibles. Since its inception, the Internet and online auction sites like Ebay have revolutionized the buying and selling of collectibles. However, within the Disney collectibles industry, similar problems still remain: 1) How do you know what you are buying? ; 2) How do you guarantee the quality and authenticity of a product? ; and 3) Where do you go when there are no listings online? The Disneyana Exchange provides the family-run service and expertise that cannot be found elsewhere. The Exchange prides itself on linking buyer and seller for high-end Disneyana collectibles and inspects each piece for its quality and authenticity. It is no wonder why the Walt Disney Art Classics (WDAC), the Special Events Departments at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland, and the thousands of Disney Galleries and Disney Stores throughout the world RECOMMEND THE DISNEYANA EXCHANGE AS THEIR NUMBER ONE SOURCE for limited edition, exclusive, and retired Disney merchandise: the world's largest and most respected Disney secondary market brokerage. The Exchange caters to every type of Disney fan from modern watch collectors to patrons of high-end Disney animation art cels. Showcased in the Disneyana Marketplace Art Gallery, collectors will find exclusive sculptures by some of the most sought after artists of all time. There are impressive bronzes by Scrooge creator, Carl Barks, masterworks featuring the remaining members of Walt Disney’s original "Nine Old Men" ( Marc Davis, Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston, and Ward Kimball ), as well as modern works from Armani, Lladro, Bill Toma, Lilliput Lane, Ron Lee, Goebel / Hummel, Swarovski Crystal, Marx Trains, Elisabete Gomes, and Waterford Crystal.... just to name a few. Should one need additional help locating an item, there is a convenient customer service line (407) 985-1311 to place your name on the Disneyana Exchange's waiting list for first right or refusal on the next listing. It's simple and easy! So how does it all work? Collector's from around the world list their classic disneyana items with the Exchange and set their own prices. The Disneyana Exchange simply quotes the lowest available listing and adds a 10% commission for the service. All pieces are examined before shipping by a trained inspection team and are guaranteed to be in mint condition with their appropriate boxes and certification. All animation listings and transactions are kept confidential and secure. The Exchange also provides a unique Disney collectibles newsletter with much of the current listings and exclusive news articles. With the Disneyana Exchange Newsletter you can track your Disney investments, learn about little known Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland, and Euro Disney / Disneyland Paris special events, or get the inside scoop on yet-to-be-released Walt Disney Classics Collection or Disneyana Convention limited editions and retirement news. Proven to be an invaluable tool for the serious animation art enthusiast, the $30.00 rate (12 issues) not only entitles the subscriber to all the latest limited edition art information, but also enables the subscriber to list their own items for sale. A free one-time copy of the Disneyana Exchange Newsletter is also available at any time for preview. Have a magical time enjoying the web site and our Exchange service!


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