Welcome to the world's largest and most respected secondary market brokerage dealing exclusively with Disney collectibles that are "limited", "retired", or just no longer available!.  We specialize in the highest quality Disney collectibles, including Walt Disney Classics Collection (WDCC) sculptures, Disneyana Convention collectibles, Animation Art, and much, much more.  How does it all work?  Collector's from around the world list their items with us and set their own prices. The Exchange simply quotes the lowest available listing and adds a 10% commission for the service. All pieces are examined before shipping by our trained inspection team and are guaranteed to be in mint condition with their appropriate boxes and certification. All listings and transactions are kept confidential and secure.  It is the safest and easiest way to find the rarest of Disney collectibles!

To begin, simply select a collectibles category above to view the latest listings.  Alternatively, you may use our search function to browse by Disney film, category, or artist.  Each listing shows the asking price with a link to the collectible image.  Once you find your desired collectible, click the "Purchase Request" button to submit your request.  Once we can verify the availability of the item, we will contact you with details of the final transaction. There is no obligation to buy until we contact you for final processing of the order.

Though we try and maintain these listings with our entire stock, the secondary collectibles market is always in a state of flux. Just because an item is not listed doesn't necessarily mean we cannot find that special piece for you. We are experts at tracking down the hardest to find Disney items.  If your dream collectible is not listed, simply submit your request to our want list or call us at (407) 985-1311 to place your name on the Disneyana Exchange's waiting list for first right or refusal on the next listing of that item.  It's simple, and easy with absolutely no pressure to buy.  And, if you have a special collectible you would like to sell, simply contact us by phone or online by clicking on the "Listing Agreement" button below.  

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